Seven and the Ragged Trigger

What an amazing turnout, welcome, welcome people! Lots of Cheap Trick fans, aye?

First I have to ask, is there anyone who have learnt to draw 3 different trend lines? Leave the class immediately, you are in the wrong life!

What is it, Ira, you have a doctorate from Bollinger bands? I see friends shaking heads. You are ok. to stay, we do not discrimate against anyone. Help me work the next generation about embedding.

The Duran Duran sandwiches are courtesy of Nino Firetto.

Bravi Jono, no gambling in the back rows, put away your BlocFi!

Pain is so close to pleasure & train is so close to treasure, so let’s start!

The market ended the prior channelling move with the helipad.This is the area from the fractal with the Gray line to the next fractal, known as the beat.

Ending the channelling does not mean that the market cannot make a beat.

There is a new channelling move pending currently, but it has to be confirmed first either by hitting 1.2160 on the upside or crossing below the E-89 and crossing back up or failing to cross back up is for confirming channelling to the downside. (Price has so far stayed below the last Faith Healer’s moratorium zone.

When the market is channelling, channelling rules apply.

When the market is embedded, embedding rules apply.

All other times default to convenience trading.

Convenience be it opportunistic relies on conditions providing some edge.

Seven and Eleven, Seven and Trigger, Sven and Northman are all the same thing.

The E-16 has a dark side, facing the moon (away from the mean). The Seven fractal is an RSI2 hitting Seven or 100-Seven depending on the direction if the distance exceeds 36 pips from the E-16.

This provides the baseline level reading.The divergent leg, or 11 would print an RSI2 reading that falls shy of the Seven’s, but price would travel further to set up a divergent beat. The beat has a tendency to be around 16 pips.

Now, the Sun facing side also operates on convenient basis, but it is not E-16 that it uses as a reference, but the E67M, which I sometimes refer to as zero lambda.

The second pair’s divergent leg did not make a lower low, yet it qualified with its higher RSI2 reading as a double bottom.

school’s out

There you are, Raging Tiger!

Something tells me…