Implementation of the Helipad

There is still a debate between the Outlier – Beat and the Seven – Eleven for getting the pad’s location right.

Regardless, the ultimate answer of taking on a low risk, large sized holding would have to be a combination of a Sign of Strength / Sign of Weakness and the entries themselves would have steps derived from the volatility from the mean (see the Stretch Marker) – further on this later.

First, some definitions out of the way.

Sign of Strength = (hourly RSI2 HL2 > 85)

Sign of Weakness = (hourly RSI2 HL2 < 15)

I now have have a plot going on included in the Sochastic Longbow routine, besides the labels, there are the indication boxes (sparing actual RSI2 plots) and the second row is a 10-sample summation. I was considering to put the label “Fureza” on the upper one and “Interpretación” on the lower, but admittedly it is getting crowded there yet again.

     for(int j=i+10;j>=i;j--)

The distance from the mean gets rounded for a multiplier.

          if (Close[i]>iMA(NULL,0,207,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_HIGH,i)) ExtATRBuffer[i]= MathRound(MathAbs((High[i]-iMA(NULL,0,207,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_HIGH,i))/FMax*10000));
  else if (Close[i]<iMA(NULL,0,207,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_LOW,i)) ExtATRBuffer[i]= MathRound(MathAbs((iMA(NULL,0,207,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_LOW,i)-Low[i])/FMax*10000));
  else ExtATRBuffer[i]=1;

FMax stands for fluctuation maximum, and is a consant.

Since the market reached a 5x fluctuation maximum stretch (after the ROC label with the x after it) from the mean, my current multiplier for the displacement is 5.

Summa Summarum after the SOS signal, the displacement for the 1/2 size entry from the Eleven count is 5×4=20 pips and the full size displacement is 5×7= 35 pips (see the first image with the “Best Long after SOS” plot)

ObjectSetText("TEACHER"+8,"½: "+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(wronglong-ExtATRBuffer[0]*40*Point,4),4),11,"Arial Black");

ObjectSetText("TEACHER"+9,"ƒ:  "+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(wronglong-ExtATRBuffer[0]*70*Point,4),4),11,"Arial Black");

But teacher, there are things, there are things that I don’t want to learn…

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