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From the series, “there’s nothing sacred on this blog”.

“There are two kinds of people, as there are two kinds of candles. Monchiki and Nunchaku. One cannot quote themselves, learn this for once and all, Mr. Nial Fuller.” (Achilles Dentaku)

A candle can either close above the halfway mark of a given time slice or below it.

#property copyright "Copyright © 2021, Macdulio" 
#property link      "" 
#property description "There are two kind of candles"
#property description "in this world."
#property description "Adjust colors for"
#property description "Monchichi and Nunchaku"
#property description "if you dare."
#property strict;
#property indicator_chart_window
#property indicator_buffers 4
#property indicator_color1 Tomato
#property indicator_color2 PaleTurquoise
extern int lookback = 25;
double HighBuffer[],HighBuffer2[];
double LowBuffer[],LowBuffer2[];

int init()

int start()
    ArrayResize(HighBuffer, Bars); 
  ArrayInitialize(HighBuffer, EMPTY_VALUE);   
      ArrayResize(LowBuffer, Bars); 
  ArrayInitialize(LowBuffer, EMPTY_VALUE); 
     ArrayResize(HighBuffer2, Bars); 
  ArrayInitialize(HighBuffer2, EMPTY_VALUE);   
      ArrayResize(LowBuffer2, Bars); 
  ArrayInitialize(LowBuffer2, EMPTY_VALUE); 

for (int i = lookback ; i >= 0; i--) {
     if (Close[i]>(High[i]+Low[i])/2) {HighBuffer2[i]=High[i]; LowBuffer2[i]=Low[i];}
     else {HighBuffer[i]=High[i]; LowBuffer[i]=Low[i];}


Filter ideas:

  • eliminate inside candles
  • don’t mark up shaven candles (no wicks)
  • exclude candles that do not expand the previous length by at least 5%

something like this:

Remember that scene at the pub in the Leaving Las Vegas, where the barman tells to Mr. Coppola Cage: “I can 86 you any time I want!”

I’m just saying regarding bottom picking.

Filters for example (on the downside): a lower low and a wick larger than 86 pips, or a distance of 85 pips between the last candle’s close and the current wick whilst the current wick is still in excess of 50 pips and the last candle closed lower than opened.