Captain America

What is the similarity in the following two pictures?

There is a green line, good. Parabolic move? Define parabolic, Mr. Captain America!

That’s right, that’s bright.

High[i]>High[i+1] && High[i]>High[i-1] && i>0 && High[i]-380*Point<iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,2,i+4)) && High[i]>iMA(symbol,60,207,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_LOW,i) && High[i]-250*Point>iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,2,i+4))

See what I did there? I quantified the distance I want to see between this high over the mean: not less than 25 pips but not more than 38 to the last step down. I’m a quant: a quant quantifies things.

Do you buy doughnuts by the dozen? Milk by the liter? Do you measure the time with something? Everybody is a quant on this bloody planet.

Why do they have to Mystify things?

In Europe people measure things. We have functioning penis-enlargement economy.

The unofficial, Italian currency of appreciation is Un Ereccione.

I have been trying to get you to start measuring things, I swear, and to count, all the way to three.

The RSI2 once it hits the floor, it starts skewing. The Sign Of Strength during this lop sided event qualifies with a 77+ reading.

Pay attention to the SOS only after the correction is over with. Count. Captain America (now part of the Fractals Blobified routine) = parabolic move => you’re gonna see 3 waves down.

& for last, what’s the play after a 5 Wave down followed by SOS?

Buy the SOW (sign of weakness) and afterwards buy the ABC beats, i.e.:

Why? Because the weekly music is still Green – only Capt. America put up some fight temporarily.