Jean Paul Outlier

The Phoenix will rise again &

The Phoenix shall order fries again

Don’t mind me, just stalking to the moon here.

Wednesday today – every Wednesday sucks – you end up with unwanted shorts and triple swap for the occasion.

Screwed up the wave count again, no amount of reminders are ever enough.

Remember November that a Wave 3 always ends in a visible RSI2 reversal divergence, Jean Paul Outlier is the lube master that simultaneously applies the catching breaks on the rail.

28 – 43 pips is the main suspect range for the beat.

32 pips = fluctuation size

45 pips = fluctuation maximum + failed break

64 pips = 2x fluctuation size aka progression

Should have been obvious, this. What I took as a Wave 4 end reading was too low, and Wave 3 was too short.

The upset is that I can’t automate this find. My RSI2 divergence searches pick up a lot of divergences, but not this one>

Actually, the 1.1847 displacement value was quite spot on.
I’m left with staring at cell phone screens and making an effort to finding J.P. Fata J. P. Morgana?

This month should had been my best, yet I fell short from the March peak every which way, when even on balance basis the account was up 980%. I have been treading water since, only adding to the balance and taking on more and more float. The range is not tremendous, all positions have been opened within a 240-pip range, but the nominals, 3.4 lots shorts and 7.15 lots of longs are uncomfortable a bit for now. Main reason? The damned swap on the longs.

June, 2021:

Did 7-11 call the bottom? You bet your sweet ass it did.