N. Rhodes

MR. N is part of the Santa Claus Nicholaus family.

It is a sequel to Nicholas Gauge in Technicolor.

A sophisticated RSI divergence tool that can help you better understand what is happening, why and where.

N. Rhodes is in the 3rd inficator window. It also plots Divergence Up/Down onto the chart as well as makes buy/sell suggestions 1 or 2 lines out. It is responcible for the levels plotted as well as for the sorted list with the likely culprits highlighted based on the 3Day average true range measured from the last consolidation imprint, the magenta strokes, the beat triangles – a lot of things.

The letter “h” is a patent of Peter Reznicek.

N. Rhodes can explain why is it not possible tempoarily break out of an h pattern lower.

The context of an h is an RSI divergence folded back on itself, which simply cannot give in this manner, and thus it would stop the progression.

When a divergence prints, it would arrive with a safety cushion beyond (bed, bath). In general 1/2 fluctuation size would be the right consideration or 16 pips on Eur/Usd hourly.

Lack of Magenta (98+ reading) above the white belt during the hump of the h

Once a divergence is set, breaking it only stands a chance with the right kind of fuel. Prosperous phosporous (magenta) is necessary for an up to speed piro tech. This is where the letter of the day, h falls short. It stages a doomed, despeate desperado run on the folded pizza slice. “Snap, I’ve got no power.”

Yea, I know, this article is getting kind of hectic – life is but a shoot-em-up game.