Was geht? Was bleibt? (Diary-A)


There is only one trendline with mathematical, ROC validity, the M-axis that is defined by a Zero and an M point.


Continuation entries are M.D. (medical doctor) M.D. practitioner and M.D. undergraduate or a sudden / time restricted naked M. They yearn to achieve a qualified M.


An M-axis is considered broken if price closes on the other side and makes a move 2-pips beyond the end point.


A directional change can be caused by:

  • M-axis break
  • a Zero print in the opposite direction
  • a failed attack (fractal) that stops short of the newly minted M-axis

The M-D distance is typically 2, but not not more than 5 pips.


An M.D. is only interested in one thing: the resurrection of the Mastodon.


Your name is Victor Plankeinstein.

You work on an excavation.

Your objective is to resurrect a mastodon & then taking a ride on its back.

RSI2 is the drilling depth. You must find a corpse well preserved, so it has to be at the right depth, right temperature and from the right era.

The music looped is fittingly the Wooly Boogie song – we don’t know if it originated from the Pleistocene or the Iocene era, but it is primitive & catchy.

Once you rule out all the rational things, you are left with the unlikely, irrational answer.

Michael Hutchence

Signals classified

Strong: M.D. in the direction of the last Zero. Exit upon seeing an unearthed Mastodon print.

Medium: close beyond an M-Axis away from the last Mastodon. Play the break with 2-pips of displacement over the end point.

Weak: fractal print falling short the freshly drawn M-Axis.

Consider a Zero print as a warning for an upcoming Mastodon grave.

///////////zero on the top
(RSI2[i+1]>97.3 && RSI2[i]<82 && RSI2[i+5]<97.3)
///////////zero on the bottom
(RSI2[i+1]<2.3 && RSI2[i]>3  && RSI2[i+5]>3)

Everyone ends up becoming a story in the end. As it turns out, I did have a knack for paleontology (~trading).


Introducing the Zero Mastodon “Richtig” scale (the bottom line) – something that you would expect coming out of a person calling themselves Hiero-Griffin trading. People spend their lives with f-ing up their own thinking. I spend mine with trying to correct the flaws in my own.