The market evolves continually so you need to stay alert & hungry like one of them e-wolves (the devisa of trading).

The first thing you need to appreciate is what is a hook back (tie off) on the RSI2.

I put out some Weissmüller (oh boy, not another Tarzan!) circles for better views.

RSI2[i+1]<6 && RSI2[i]>6)
RSI2[i+1]>90.5 && RSI2[i]<90.5

Now, being able to count to two would help with the second stage.

As you can see on the image above, the odd counts are grayed out (Los Insignificantes*). You need to start paying attention to every second one of these.

In order for a turn to ensue, following the even print you need to see counter directional volatility, say 23 pips.

Below: 23 pips, and this break out is Alive.

Now, as for the counter resets, I use the zero conditions (see last blog entry titled Was geht? Was bleibt?)

And another thing: the crack HO losing an embedded status. I made 2 changes here, I traded the 80 and the 20 for 76 and 24 for visual markers & changed up the expression a bit to now roll with a summation, i,e,:.

iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i+3)+iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i+2)+iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i+1)+iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i+4)>320 && iStochastic(symbol,60,60,3,3,MODE_SMA,0,MODE_SIGNAL,i)<76

Peace out.

Los Insignificantes was my idea for the name of the touring music banda in the game where as an obstacle, the Columbian frog cartel throws bags full of blow from low flying double winged airplanes.

A new Mastodon was found and unearthed. M-Axis was generated automatically. Thanks again, Nick Rhodes (the indicator)! End of Wave 4.

One New Change is bringing down the upper M limit to 87.5

Another New Change is utilizing the Mastodon with 2-pips displacement for a break out hedge level.
Landing on grass with a Cestna on the Great Barrier Island, NZ.