Near Hisses

There are 23 similarities of how these two lows were made. Can you spot them all?

Both lows were made whilst the Crack Ho was embedded. Korrek. What else?

There were Zero-Mastodon trendlines (M-Axis) printed.

There was an approach that got really close (less than 4 pips in both cases) to the Axis & then there were fractals. Bill Williams advanced you these, so smart money may get going during the second hour of the low, knowing that this fractal would not likely be taken back.

When the market is embedded, it has a slip. The clutch has to be engaged twice, a single, M (measuring leg) pullback would have to be followed by a D (divergent leg) that usually would exceed the M by a few pips.

I made my first book’s cover more than 30 years ago with a Picture Publisher on a Windows 3.1.

I was always going to be someone. A drunk with big muscles in a far away land is no longer an unattainable dream.

“You’re only happy when you’re down.” Nial Fuller

Little 15
You help her forget
The world outside
You’re not part of it yet
And if you could drive
You could drive her away
To a happier place
To a happier day
That exists in your mind
And in your smile
She could escape there
Just for a while
Little 15… Little 15
Why take the smooth with the rough
When things run smooth
It’s already more than enough
She knows your mind
Is not yet in league
With the rest of the world
And it’s little intrigues
Do you understand
Do you know what she means
As time goes by
And when you’ve seen what she’s seen
You will
Little 15… Little 15
Why does she have to defend
Her feelings inside
Why pretend
She’s not had a life
A life of near misses

Now all that she wants
Is 3 little wishes
She wants to see with your eyes
She wants to smile with your smile
She wants a nice surprise
Every once in a while
Little 15

So, did I cry wolf 16 pips too early?

Perhaps. But at least I managed to figure out a bunch of things I was missing, such as the overriding nature of embedding. The hook back count came out to be even as well. A hook back can be taken away just as a fractal. A Bollinger Band is but a vague idea of anticipated volatility change upper limit thus it isn’t a target as much as a near miss of the M-Axis is (sorry, IRA).

Props to Claws for liking my posts religiously.

Props to Douglas of the Le Bateau Ivre for the “don’t let my son go down on me”

Cause I’m loosing everything… But the very least the embedding.

A zero on the upside means the new position opening direction is up – for an entry an M would do for 2 hook-backs now that the embedding has ended. I think it is possible to say with 75% accuracy what is happening. All you need is an RSI2 and a Crack Ho.