The Micro Show

Cease & desist, seek and destroy…

2 ideas here:

  1. Confirmed high / Confirmed Low. (10+ pips break – you better hedge!)

iFractals(symbol,0,MODE_UPPER,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,3,i)) && upK[i]!=EMPTY_VALUE && RSI2[i]>87
iFractals(symbol,0,MODE_LOWER,i) && upK[i]!=EMPTY_VALUE && (RSI2[i]<8.8  || RSI2[i+1]<10  )
where upK equals TTM sqeeze

2. This was the moment when I realized that I am not competing with Meet Kevin for the sake of my generation for the best self made up-and-comer, but with Beff Jezos for best value innovation in a century: the Energy Bands.

Be and Ki are In and Out in some language.

I need to get new business cards where I would start including Master of Volatility right below the Professor of Trading entry.

Shyness goes away with the age.

nesze neked volitalitas
meg semmi ilyet nem lattam
bitcoin az nudli
lehetoseg doszt
at a feher vonalon amikor a vonal maga fel uton van es kiszallni egy expansion napon a teljes testtel a moat folott