Taper Harley

Inflation is always, always a Milton Friedman quote.

Topper Harley

Horst Tappert

What is tapering in trading?

A ends in a 0M at 2sd
B ends with single Zero around 62 LR or 1sd, B can be very short
C ends with a taper (0M) or a triple M or acceleration (single Zero) at 2sd

A full length ABC takes the 9-sample stoch oversold / overbouģt twice

When an ABC ends with a bang, don’t be rushing in in its original direction
Rember, a new serving would only be stopped by a 0M

1 ends with an MD (0M) beyond E-67
2 (rushed) ends with an S at 1 sd
2 (all out) ends with faking out the 2nd doji / 1sd
2 should come back through the far end of E67

3 ends with a taper (pushing back highs sold/lows bought multiple times) likely in the ATR box
4 (rushed) ends with an MD & sets up continuation divergence relative to 2
4 (all out) ends in a 0M by 2st & takes price oversold / overbought twice on stoch 9
4 (absorbed) may not register on the timeframe, but 5 could add on gains beyond what was reasonable from 3 (ATR +30% projection); the result could be short lived

5 ends with a bang – still shy of the record set by 3 (perhaps @ the 2sd failure line), likely with a no break extension

There would be good times coming, where all investments would yield measly returns, and the trader shall be king, so let the good times stroll…

check the close back below the 2sd gold (failure) line close to the top of the hour