Pyramids of Azatoth the Visigoth

From your birth everything is preparing you for the ultimate truth.

In the next part you will learn to distinguish between a B leg and a Wave2 pullback – by yourself (or be sold for camels).

The first 3 would be Wave B terminals, then a Wave 2. Ready?

Trust me, knowing that you saw a Wave 2 versus a Wave B can help you set all of your future steps straight.

Did you capture it or let it slip?

5 dromedaries, a mighty good deal.

I was looking for the “It’s a heavy civilization” image but could not find it.

Could not find Monty Python’s Attila the Hun tv show either on YouTube for free. Shame.

Press the left mouse button to continue…

Wave C buy & sell.
Wave B markers, End Of Wave1/A & target for good measure.