Take It Sleazy, Peasy! (Wave Structure Info)

Informative part

w1 buys the right for a wave structure by scoring beyond the closer end of the E-67 band; it normally arrives with directional volatility, i.e. the hourly fractal to fractal travel length exceeds 28 pips; relative to the consolidation level it usually peters out 20 pips shy of the 3-day ATR

Image shows rights purchased. Swing length was 30 pips.

w2 comes bavk through the E-67 band and takes the hourly RSI2 to oversold (20)/ overbought (80) at least on a temporary basis

w3 exhausts the available energy and typically ends with a visible hourly RSI2 reversal divergence; the suspect zone for this divergence to end is the box that is on one end 3-day ATR distance away from the consolidation level and 30% further at the other end; you should not be defying the progress of the wave 3 since it makes a break out and the counter directional volatility is low until reaching inside the box

Image shows the target zone for the reversal divergence of wave 3. Projection is ftom the purple arrow.

w4 is letting the counter directional volatility slip out of the gate twice; typically you would be able to spot a measuring leg and a divergent leg on the hourly RSI2: a slight undercut of the first fractal printed by w4 should be a great entry for a w5; it is also a common place that strength wise the w4 makes a beat beyond what w2 managed to muster thus setting up a continiation divergence

w5 makes / tries to make a beat (a no break / coasting move) beyond the exhaustion level; the beat itself may be anywhere from 2-28 pips away (less than fluctuation size) from the outlier point made by w3 so you should be scaling out of holdings and scaling in for a counter directional wave structure; you could have a staircase for instance at 2, 8, 17 and 26 pips and put most weight on 8 and 17; w5 would make an attempt to replicate the maximum strength printed by w3 but would ultimately fall shy of it

The projection triangle should had come from the gollowing fractal, but you get the idea.

from here on an ABC correction should follow at a very minimum: a Wave 2 should be retracing and making a beat beyond the 2nd hourly doji that was made on the way

a fake out of the doji may mean 4-9 pips beyond its centre

The above knowledge about wave structure, length measurements, volatility changes, divergences (programming knowlege wouldn’t hurt either) are things that a trader should be in posession of.

Trading requires 3 different sets of skills, that of an Execution Trader’s, a Trader’s and a Trading Strategist’s (above the level of a chartist).

These 3 sets of skills are almost never held by a single person.

Those selling courses and memberships online are little more than Execution traders, regardless of what they are posing as.

For a good sense of what a Trading Strategist does, read the last sentences in th Neverending Embedding.

Nonsesical part

What’s cracking snake gang… Err… I mean…

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