Unfortunately there’s still more to the RSI2 story – boy, it’s more than I dared to think about.

How many times did they play this on 92.7! – never knew it was Kylie – minus perhaps Stock, Aitken & Waterman.

So let’s play master & serpent.


There is always a serving side and a counter side.

Serving is taking the lead.

Serving / opening is usually done by a Single Zero.

On occasions the serving rights would be taken over by a triple 0, a triple M or even triple S, so peel an eye out for these.

& all this s*t is going down at a complete disregard for the current market type.

Countering a serve is a Zero + M combination typically.

If the ball manages to make progress between the Zero and the M, one more hit may be necessary.


0 = Zero

0/S = Single Zero

M = Measuring Leg / Mastodon / Magenta

S = Shy of an M

Unfortunately, being the server side does not mean that you will get to make the next serving from a gain, it is possible to counter the server into a retreat & even to take over the serving rights on the fly.


Be like gopher-chucks. Bruce Lee died the day after I was born.
Speaking of Odekirk…

What if the serving side gets to return the ball with a wrist flap leaning into the net at the M line? That means wave 3 of the same wave structure was put on the plate. Eagerness on the serving side, no time to prepare for digestion on the other. (No Time To Compute)

I would think an “S” would be enough for a continuation up.