Operation Cunning

Look at me, Pumpkin Cloud. Not over here, here.

Whatever does not kill you, might still turn you into an unadulterated retard mofo. Not everyone gets to born in Cunningham.

Credit Karma has been saying for years that my credit limit wasn’t high enough.

Some of the million lessons transpired in 3 weeks would make even a grow up pros start begging for mommy. After taking losses left and right, half the time without reason I’m barely in gains with $678. I traded some gains made to squat some outdated holdings – a technique worth considering.

I don’t want to bore you with the details of how problematic a full hedge is and what it is like having to improvise when you realize that your train of thought is being derailed real time (remote computer operated by cell phone muting hedgers whilst auto trading still runs to secure the execution of the trail stops for the pending spike low – constantly re-fitting codes for positions that are being threatened & taking profits with extreme care avoiding margin issues – all during working someplace). A saga of 11.2 naked lots and all the stupid bias you can collect on YouTube etc.

Definitions clarified:

A push is a weekly move that exceeds last week’s terminal by more than 50% of its length.


A continuation move of a wave may arrive from the E8, E16 or E44 (always them Fibonacci numbers).

The volume available in MT4 is made up of how many quotes were printed in a given time segment – though this isn’t the same as the number of traded contracts at an exchange, it isn’t entirely useless.

Let’s look at these entries in relationship with the Holy Graph.

You can see the color mismatch, and when the 3rd row is missing, that’s a continuation entry.

This push did not even wait for the 8 EMA. The 4 I don’t display.

Most traders convert their equity to balance.

Balance is not something you have, but what the broker is looking to make off of you.

All you have is the equity side of the entire rope, the balance in this tug of war.

Therefore you must make an effort to build equity.

However counter intuitive it sounds, taking a loss does not decrease your equity, but by shortening the length of the rope and the margin percentage with it, this can be used to your advantage.

An impulse wave does not finish on strength, but rather a taper.

Good eye, there are new projected distance level at 1.1195.

This reversal divergence is called just divergence by some people, and they call the continuation divergence a reverse divergence for max confusion. Since the “divergence” has no qualifiers, it must be easy to guess what its opposite would look like.

Do not anticipate, participate.

Always hedge in steps and do not exceed 70% unless you are hedging last week’s push terminal.

…but you don’t want to learn from me, who can only make thousands and ends up having to fight for the same money multiple times. You want to learn from millennials who can make millions. They were somehow born right.

Left shoulder comes with Stochastic Bar overdrive signal, head comes with its absence – this is how an impulse wave ends: with a reversal divergence. Wave 5 had an ABC structure and ended on a peak strength, but the relationship between the end of the Wave 3 and the end of the Wave 5 is another reversal divergence – check the 4 hour or the daily.

The sign of strength / weakness plots on the chart:

	if (RSI2[i]>85) dir[i]=1;
   	if (RSI2[i]<15) dir[i]=-1;

   ////sign of strength
   if (dir[i]>0 && dir[i+1]!=1){
   ////sign of weakness
     if (dir[i]<0 && dir[i+1]!=-1){