2 Steps Awkward

Here is how you may end up with a wrong bias unintentionally.

Google shuffled in a Bloomberg headline citing somebody having made 62 million on Euro short options.

Just by the environment you are surrounded with and your previously constructed logical circuits, you may end up translating this piece of information from the incredibly credible source as someone knew something and or made a lucky bet, but the trade is in past tense, you would end up with a short term bullish bias (I know I did).

As Matthew Broderick of Wall Street pointed it out due to the Hertz buying Teslas fake news, Bloomberg gets fined just as other news agencies, this however does not remedy any damages occurred.

Red Bull gives you wings, a dolphin could give you dorsal fins, but Google gives you bias and a red pitbull can take your balls.

Everything becomes part of your trading narrative.

Yesterday was shaping up to be a nothing burger with very light news.

It ended up being an Angus beef with some rib eye trimming for the brokers.

Yes, the confidence number was a big miss, but would you know if someone made the importance low by mistake or by will?

Are you preparing just as vehemently to protect yourself when there are now news scheduled?

I was born yesterday, on the steps, just like Attila was.

From the famous movie where Lisp Butler says his epic line: “I have no need of another woman speaking impairment.”

Are you done eating? Then start donating šŸ™‚

A similar caliber of a word play for my 2 Hungarian followers would be:

Ettek? Ittak? Attak!

The 2-steps forward 1-step back goes a little something like this:

3-sets of these 2-steps & the prevailing trend gets reinstated.

Where did the 9.6 pips displacement come from? From looking at what seems to be happening.

Let’s examine if during the negative tone two steps backwards was a good entry or not.

You had 1-hour and 2.5 hours to enter your short after the 2nd step up got printed. The large cover numbers started at below 73 and below 55.

Fractal / opposite side = counter reset. I grew up on the 30-minute time frame, I don’t see any reason to ever stop looking at it.

The expression for extracting the 3rd and 4th decimals from a price quote as per me:

Either in a Wave 3 up or perhaps a C has ended. Regardless, there were 2 sell in signals, I’m out of my longs.

So what is my suggestion here?

I think you should obtain a copy of these indicators from me in exchange for a donation. You could help me out with my blog related monthly expenses (cca $25).

The tone’s bias (mql called Past Regression) line is derived from RSI readings / the chart itself not from financial media.

Head & Shoulder. The auto Mastodon trend lines come equipped.

The entry/exit levels that come with my latest version of Lema30N are a tremendous help with searching for and highlighting wicks that exceed 1/3 of the candle’s length, have a minimum size and the plots and numbers for the displacements are a world of help.

These 2 routines contributed to me achieving 90%+ equity growth since yesterday along with my scale in/out technique and knowing what the expectation should be for a Wave 1 up and a Wave 2 down (you may have picked up these ideas from my blog by now) – with Lema30 filling in the missing number. One more routine to get the heads right would be my hybrid version of the stochastic bars. Unlike a scammer, I can prove my gains. Scammers charge $1500-$2500 for an indicator / course that they can make a living off of and get busy forging statements. I am not making 90% every day, but the point is that I can.

Equity at 22/11/21 close: $507.17 (net zero holdings, 0.5 lot long & 0.5 lot short)

Equity at 23/11/21 close: $970.61 (zero holdings)

Cover me, I’m gonna win the race!

My uncle, the Huszar with his golden haired horses.

Huszar attire.