Keltinger Confusion

So this is the world we live in & this is the routine we’re needin’. Hey Superman, where are you now?

When in the land of confusion, a Confirmed Reversal is hard to come by.

The Keltinger Chaos Field Game’s rules were unknown until today. Only distinct, but faint 80s disco music was making it through the chart,

For a reversal to take place beyond the Keltinger band would require 2 things: a head print and a counter directional swing in excess of 2x fluctuation size.

After these 2 conditions are met, any secondary buy signal would be a go.

So far there has been only 1 confirmed reversal up (shown by the Keltinger Chaos routine).

For the directional entries I have given the clues and the tool in the prior blog entry.

Finally let’s talk about the fizzle out condition.

Since you already have a Lema30N and a Hybrid Stochatic Bars, you are almost set.

A fizzle out would occur with the candles reaching beyond the shadow lines (10 more pips from the Safety lines as Lema30 does not plot these, only the Holy Graph) with red hot stochastic bar signals. Why red hot? Because this is a continuation entry, in this case THE Lower High.

This Red Hot made it to True Blau.

Image shows the alignment of all 4 stars squares.

The problem, once again was that you did not understand what the game was. And the game does not change until we catch up with the Borderline of the Keltinger Band (No Papi, I don’t preach, but you’re in trouble deep.)

Please start to appreciate that if I did not come along, you would never know of these game rules.