Discharge 32 Beta

Last program for the year.

A nice little visual aid to help determine if you are finished in a direction or not.

After 2 discharges the market Phase flips.

The configuration I derive from the E67 & E207 moving averages.

Sort of busy with other things now, but this is where this indicator starts.

There is a 5-period moving average (1 delay) and when price makes a hump beyond the yellow perforations then crosses back below the average, you want to pay attention to the next leg being printed in the wrong direction particularly if it arrives with a marginal higher high / lower low and utilize it for a holding entry – there is only one V bottom on the sample, and you can see that there was a blip / attempt on the low. The second arrow may arrive late.

//D32 by Macdulio
#property copyright   "Discharges 32 by Macdulio, (c) 2021"
#property link        "http://www.forexfore.blog"
#property description "Discharges 32 by Macdulio"
#property strict

#property indicator_separate_window
#property indicator_buffers    5
#property indicator_level2 20
#property indicator_level3 -20
#property indicator_level4 35
#property indicator_level5 -35
#property indicator_level6 50
#property indicator_level7 -50
#property indicator_level8 70
#property indicator_level1 -70

#property indicator_levelcolor clrYellow
#property indicator_levelstyle STYLE_DOT
#property indicator_levelwidth 1
extern int indicator_window = 2;
extern int lookback = 200;

string symbol = Symbol();
double RSI2[];

//---- buffers
double D32[],D32NEG[],D32AVG[], AUP[],ADOWN[];

int init()


int start()
ArrayResize(RSI2, lookback+1);   
ArrayInitialize(RSI2, 0); 
ArrayResize(D32, lookback+1);   
ArrayInitialize(D32, 0); 
ArrayResize(D32NEG, lookback);   
ArrayInitialize(D32NEG, 0); 
ArrayResize(D32AVG, lookback);   
ArrayInitialize(D32AVG, EMPTY_VALUE); 
ArrayResize(AUP, lookback);   
ArrayInitialize(AUP, EMPTY_VALUE); 
ArrayResize(ADOWN, lookback);   
ArrayInitialize(ADOWN, EMPTY_VALUE); 
int    i;
for(i=lookback; i>=0; i--){
  D32[i]=(iMA(NULL,0,32,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_MEDIAN,i)-(High[i]+Low[i]+Close[i]+Close[i]+Close[i])/5)*-10000;
  if (iMA(NULL,0,32,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_MEDIAN,i)>Close[i]) D32NEG[i]=D32[i];
  if (i<lookback-6) D32AVG[i]=(D32[i+1]+D32[i+2]+D32[i+3]+D32[i+4]+D32[i+5])/5; 
   if (i<lookback-10 && D32[i]<D32AVG[i] && D32[i+1]>D32AVG[i+1] && D32[i+1]>22 && D32[i+2]>D32AVG[i+2] && D32[i+3]>D32AVG[i+3] && (D32[i+1]>20 || D32[i+2]>20  || D32[i+3]>20) && (D32[i+10]>-30 && D32[i+11]>-30  && D32[i+12]>-30 && D32[i+13]>-30  && D32[i+14]>-30  && D32[i+15]>-30 )) ADOWN[i]=D32AVG[i]+3;
  if (i<lookback-10 && D32[i]>D32AVG[i] && D32[i+1]<D32AVG[i+1] && D32[ArrayMinimum(D32,13,i)]<-22 && D32[i+2]<D32AVG[i+2] && D32[i+3]<D32AVG[i+3] && (D32[i+1]<-20 || D32[i+2]<-20  || D32[i+3]<-20) && (D32[i+10]<35 && D32[i+11]<35  && D32[i+12]<35 && D32[i+13]<35  && D32[i+14]<35  && D32[i+15]<35 )) AUP[i]=D32AVG[i]-3;

The masters of BPM.

The best synth pop band ever isn’t DM for they have abandoned the genre a lot. It is:

New Neuroactive:

Happy New York, all!

Joilena’s clips are keep on disappearing from YouTube. First the Cleopatra clip, now the motion picture for this one.
Triple M

In case you are wondering, there will be a professional version for $29.90 as usual.

In case you’re wondering, the 5-weeks gain was 667% before I withdrew $1,300 @ 3,833.26.

The Equity isn’t aligned to the USD scale on the right, but is showing percentage changes.
Was trading the wrong side, just like you were – out of boredom instead of utmost consideration. This is why I made this indicator on the same day as the result.
I had this dilemma of have I seen the bottom or not with a Full discharge that was followed by a partial discharge. This indicator’s answer: it does not matter what kind of a discharge you get for the second run. What matters is the presence of the undercut / undercut attempt.

The pro version adds: be ready to pull your pants down for up to the next 40 pips beyond the swing point. If price whooshes by 64+ pips, you are utterly wrong, and something else is up. There was one trendline break during the last year where this happened.

A golden trendline cannot be crossed over by more than 2x the fluctuation size. No indicator would be able to prepare you for this change of tone. Take the loss or hedge + reverse direction.

D32PRO V1.3 comes with size calculations, levels and other instructions