Stay On These Roads…

To become an investor for a day, how Wyckoffy do you need to be?

It is a good idea to start utilizing Volume, even if you only have Tick Volume as your proxy in Forex.

It is possible to know what is going to happen next on occasions. I do not suggest to try to learn about every effort & effect divergence, but I did figure something that was easy to include with the trade calls.

My combination is using the MFI reversal signals for emotional foundation, then obeying settled climax volume in the given direction by opening a position at market. Yes, I had to invent a silent alarm for myself for being there at every top of the hour.

Think inside the box.

Look for a Better Volume for MT4 on the net.

Insert the following into the code:

  ///first Climax down        
        if ( white[i+3]==0 && white[i+2]==0 && white[i+1]==0 && white[i]!=0 && red[i+1]==0 && High[i]-Close[i]<180*Point){
                      ObjectCreate("DuhhW"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_RECTANGLE, 0, Time[i+3], High[i], Time[i], iClose(symbol,0,i));
        ///first Climax up        
        if ( red[i+3]==0 && red[i+2]==0 && red[i+1]==0 && red[i]!=0 && white[i+1]==0 && Close[i]-Low[i]<180*Point){
                      ObjectCreate("Duhh"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_RECTANGLE, 0, Time[i+3], Low[i], Time[i], iClose(symbol,0,i));

Alternatively, get an MFI Pro w/ a Better Volume Pro from me. See what you could do with an almost guaranteed 60+ pips with very little kick back allowing for extra large size entries.

I also added horizontal reminders for extra large volumes on top of changing the color scheme to something more comfortable (Magenta @ magenta).

The Purple block is the plot of the D32. It measures out the buy / sell limit listed in the 3rd row: “within 28 pips up to 1.1322” – that’s where this move fizzled out to the pip (also the last swing’s fair price). The U-Turns (red after green and vice versa) are also canes I plot above based on the last call.

The problem with this last green candle was its length. Previous instances that worked out had candles leaving room for acceleration: they were below 25 pips, and the recoil part would had fit in 16. This monster candle was a halted start due to a jump out at 40 pips or so. Back to the starting line.

If you noticed that the CFG (Configuration) went red (BEAR), that is because of the E67 dipped below the E207. May be a quick episode. This however flips the Keltinger Chaos routine, so it is now looking for heads on the upside and plotting the confirmation line on the bottom.

The Waterfall got choked, but so was Walter with his erection. The current squeeze would favor the upside, but this could change in the next hours. I would salvage my longs upon hitting the upper green trend line then lay back and watch for a bit. The last momentum divergences (& MFI) were positive, but this hasn’t gotten us much so far.

In any event, there should be a discharge on the upside, and the 2.8 Safety line is now coasting below 1.1330 – the weekly pivot.

///negative - arrow down
  if (i>0 && i<lookback-10 && D32[i]<D32AVG[i] && D32[i+1]>D32AVG[i+1] && D32[i+1]>20 && D32[i+1]<68 && D32[i+2]<68  && D32[i+2]>D32AVG[i+2] && D32[i+3]>D32AVG[i+3] && (D32[i+1]>20 || D32[i+2]>20  || D32[i+3]>20  || D32[i+4]>20 || D32[i+5]>20) && (D32[i+10]>-30 && D32[i+11]>-30  && D32[i+12]>-30 && D32[i+13]>-30  && D32[i+14]>-30  && D32[i+15]>-30 )) {ADOWN[i]=D32AVG[i]+5; D32AVGR[i]=D32AVG[i]; D32AVGY[i]=EMPTY_VALUE;
  if (i<30 && sizing_and_levels_on){
          ObjectCreate("ObjecST"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[i+6], 2);
          ObjectSetText("ObjecST"+DoubleToStr(i), DoubleToString(NormalizeDouble(fullsize/4,2),2)+" LOT @ ATM: ("+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(iOpen(symbol,0,i),4),4)+")", 11, "Impact",  Blue); 
          ObjectCreate("ObjecSZ"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[i+6], 10);   
          ObjectSetText("ObjecSZ"+DoubleToStr(i), DoubleToString(NormalizeDouble(fullsize/2,2),2)+" LOT @ HIGH: "+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,6,i+1)),4),4)+"...or after 6 hours", 11, "Impact",  Blue); 
          ObjectCreate("ObjecSY"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[i+6], 18);   
          ObjectSetText("ObjecSY"+DoubleToStr(i), " within 28 pips down to"+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(iOpen(symbol,0,i)-280*Point,4),4) , 11, "Impact",  Blue); 
              ObjectCreate("DickW"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_RECTANGLE, 0, Time[i+2], Low[i], Time[i], iOpen(symbol,0,i)-280*Point);
          ObjectCreate("ObjecSS"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[i+6], 25); 
          ObjectSetText("ObjecSS"+DoubleToStr(i), DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(fullsize/4,2),2)+" LOT EXTRA@: "+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,6,i+1))+150*Point,4),4) , 11, "Impact",  Navy); 
          ObjectCreate("ObjecSX"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[i+6], 33); 
          ObjectSetText("ObjecSX"+DoubleToStr(i), DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(fullsize/4,2),2)+" LOT EXTRA@: "+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(iHigh(symbol,0,iHighest(symbol,0,MODE_HIGH,6,i+1))+300*Point,4),4) , 11, "Impact",  Navy); 

Cyan is what I use for Pro volume, not Green as you may find it elsewhere.