Treating God

DJ Dooku is famous for throwing all nighter parties.

So how to play an encounter with God?

Do not interfere on the first day of creation.

On the close of the second day, you draw a percentage scissor onto the swing you have. If the 3rd day makes further progress, adjust the end point.

If God falls beyond a 40% retracement, you are not likely to see him back.

Currently 1.14007 would be too far – and this is if no higher high would be made from here on today.

Close or hedge off your positions upon an approach of this line.

Your hopes for the next turn back to have a shot at seeing God again are going to hinge on the Momentum/Stochastic divergences discussed in the Ports of Call blog entry.

I should also mention about crossing over the weekly E-21. If this was to occur, E-34 can start acting as a deflector further capping the possibility of counter-directional moves.

Knocking on E-21’s door (white). A Push means thay you will see a higher high come next week.

As a reminder, I got screwed with the last God-flip by defying the move on the first day in the low 1.20s. Those prices were never seen again (they were outside the 40% tetracement), and Eur/Usd went all the way to 1.1185 afterwards.