Installer Ilona

Today for the first time ever we are not going to talk about Veronica Ciccione or people who have migrated from Italy, but people whom migrated there.

CIC-CIO-LINA = Staller ~ stall

Ilona ~ Italia

Frankie goes to Hollywood & Istaller Ilona goes to Italia.

The image shows increased professional activity on the bottoms.

Little Italy is a growth next to a hairy pincushion.

One of my English lessons I received from a car dealer in California – he taught me the differences among slit, slot and slut.

Her second single, Papa Can’t Reach wasn’t a serious hit, since a Sugar Daddy would be Sugarhill crazy to pay for this kind of promotion.

From Tuscany, with love.

There is only one unanswered question left: just how dumb do you need to be to be able to forget your own mother’s tongue?