Ports Of Call

Well, aren’t you lucky, today’s the day that we are going to re-invent your entire vocabulary.

See you on the other side

Things to plot: Daily E44 HL2

20-period BB based on that data with 1x standard deviation.

Can be done on the cell by adjusting the Apply to to the Previous Indicator’s Data.

East-16 HL2 (aka The House Of Love)

All of the above in different shades of Blue, because this is monochrome.

Now we can almost invent two different types of markets. How about King and Kong? Hull and Skull? Let’s pick two animals. One with hooves and one with claws. Donkey and Cassowary? Bull and Bear? Maybe,but they both start with a B, and that’s a bit confusing. Everything pertaining to percentages is utter rubbish.

For the switch between the markets let’s introduce the term, constructive closes. These are candles oriented in the direction of the switch with visible bodies. Open & Close both above / below E-16.

I’ll take 3 of those.


Stretch condition.

657 pips is certainly an extreme for the Maker-Makee distance. 400+ is already pretty intense.

This is where you start looking for Reversal Divergences.

Use 67-sample momentum to spot a reversal divergence on the upside and 9-sample Stochastic D for a reversal divergence on the downside.

Bill Williams may be too slow for furnishing some of the fractals.

Now that you are in reverse mode, you can either meet your maker or your circuit breaker. God is not a DJ, it is the 20SMA of the 44EMA, sometimes nicked as Zilla.

The circuit breaker lays between the E44 and the closest BB band. It can refuse entrance to Sandman by re-polarizing the light.

The rejection comes in a form of an injection. Vaccination against inevitable death if you will. After a while the market may become comfortably numb to further vaccination.

With another image, the stepping stool to reach the breaker may become loose.

The vaccination of the circus breaker wasn’t effective if the patient does not let go of the handrail. This grabbing on to for dear life period is also known as Omni-comedy.

The tension was almost as exciting as in Sly Stallone’s Racoon Hanger.