Vol-Aparte Napoleon

The objective of the driven thrusts is to work up volatility.

Volatility has no direction, this is why a pendulum market model is apt.

Volatility gets capped in one direction by the act of buying, this means that sustained progress can only be reached with ever more dedicated money to the cause.

The natural tendency of the market is idling, so the volatility is bound to decrease.
Low volatility is nobody’s objective: you cannot make money if price does not move.

During trending the 30 SMA on the 5-minute is a suspect for volatility-cap add on.

A drive sets up the level called the tripwire.

4 volatile trips (4 broken legs) mark the end of a wave structure. Think of the fractal nature of the individual time frames: your chosen zoom may not be able to show you all the details.

First cut is the deepest: The Tripwire

4 24-sample lower lows in combination with Excessive RSI2 readings + BB pop for good measure at the end.