My Chemical Imbalance

What are the two chices of a market that is overwhelmingly long/short?

Capsize or capitulate.

The daily checkpoint comes back with no balance: the close back was less than 27 pips from the high/low. There would be an attempt for the continuation. You would see a hourly candle separating from the 8-open-EMA.

#2 closing back down renamed #1 to Captain Capsize. Also, the 67-sample Momentum crossing back above 100 underlined this perfect short.

If the second or the third candle closes on the other side, the boat was just flipped. Also, look at the 5-min 2.0 30 SMA HL2 ans the 2.5 216 SMA HL2 to get a sense for the prospect sustainability of the continuation move.

What were the odds of continuing higher after re-visiting and failing the breach of the 2.0 BB right below the 2.5?