In a Senior DownTrend

You short within 3 pips of a previous hourly fractal.

The last one went beyond the first fractal on the measuring move making a higher low, this is why there was no need for the re-test and could get active at the second stumbling block.

You target the first Gray E’s 16-pip displacement for an exit. Go long at the 26-pip displacement & target just shy of the next fractal up.

Catching a capsizing turn can also qualify for a long entry.

You can already see what the next target would be.

I used the SuperTramp, settings posted on the blog earlier with an identical title.

I call a trend Junior after 5 hourly same color prints and senior after 14.

   ObjectCreate("PRALINE", OBJ_TEXT, indicator_window, Time[0], 1);  
      ObjectSetText("PRALINE", "                            TRANSITIONING", 11, "Arial Black", Maroon);   
        if ( Direction[1]==-1 && Direction[2]==-1 && Direction[3]==-1 && Direction[4]==-1) 
      ObjectSetText("PRALINE", "                            JUNIOR D/T ", 11, "Arial Black", Crimson);  
       if ( Direction[1]==-1 && Direction[2]==-1 && Direction[3]==-1 && Direction[4]==-1 && Direction[5]==-1 && Direction[6]==-1 && Direction[7]==-1 && Direction[8]==-1 && Direction[9]==-1 && Direction[10]==-1
         && Direction[11]==-1 && Direction[12]==-1 && Direction[13]==-1)  
      ObjectSetText("PRALINE", "                            SENIOR D/T ", 11, "Arial Black", Crimson);         
           if (Direction[0]==1 && Direction[1]==1 && Direction[2]==1 && Direction[3]==1 && Direction[4]==1)
      ObjectSetText("PRALINE", "                            JUNIOR U/T ", 11, "Arial Black", DarkGreen);  
       if (Direction[0]==1 && Direction[1]==1 && Direction[2]==1 && Direction[3]==1 && Direction[4]==1 && Direction[5]==1 && Direction[6]==1 && Direction[7]==1 && Direction[8]==1 && Direction[9]==1 && Direction[10]==1
         && Direction[11]==1 && Direction[12]==1 && Direction[13]==1)    
      ObjectSetText("PRALINE", "                          SENIOR U/T ", 11, "Arial Black", DarkGreen);

This album is a delicacy from the most underappreciated band of the 90s. It tickles some organs you did not know existed. This is what you would get if you marry The Cure with Dead Can Dance, but who would even think of such a thing?
Senior uptrend last minute buy: the fractal on the left was at 1.09604 and the buy level was 1.09634. Pull out that calculator!