Der rücklauf die zukunft

Back in the swaddling clothes & back to the drawing board.

When others have option chains pricing in a probable move for the near future, I have a CI chain.

See, I was still wet behind the ears when I was already fascinated with fractal energies, as it goes.

I used to get so grumpy when we ran out of consolidation that I could spread evenly on my bread.

There was nothing besides MTV and Optionslinebacker that I could subscribe to, so did that.

Full charge, discharge, choppiness, Loch Ness, the regular miserable childhood that everyone’s going through but I don’t want to spare you the details.

While Doc Severson was using his 13-sample CI for Iron Condors mainly…

I came up with the concept of the Energy Bands instead.

Here I can be seen pondering on my tricycle about how to make the CI Moat instrument independent.

Now, fast forward 44 years and first take a look at the 48-sample 15-minute CI not being able to cross over 53 for a full consolidation.

Now, if I cropped the whole label yesterday – looks the same still, you may start to get some ideas about why I have been living in the world of pendulums quasi from the beginning.

The purple arrow above is the consolidation mean or the axis of the pendulum. I spare you flipping the image on its side this time.

 while (!(ChoppinessIndex(12*4,i+1)<53 && ChoppinessIndex(12*4,i)>53))    

I went with the 15-minute for precision.

With this 3-day ATR based tool I practically invented my own Implied Volatility tool. Reaching 1 ATR distance from the weight in either direction has the probability of 66%, reaching 30% more drops to 33%.

   ATRA = 0;
   for (i=1; i<=3; i++){ 
     ATRA = ATRA+iATR(NULL,1440,14,i);}
   for (i=0; i<=160; i++){ 
     ATRAVG[i] = ATRA/3; }   


Yesterday I posted 3 examples of undercutting the magenta overdrive / lime C, and even spelled out 77 pips as the largest of those three.

77. I was 4 years old, see the image earlier.

Yes, I probably had a yellow toy plane as well…

The new “Implied Choppiness” projections as of Friday.