Moved By A Higher Love

Just a quick reminder of price is going to be headed when the impulsive wave caps out.

Price would be moved, lifted higher by a higher love. Why? Because sometimes it feels like a motherless child a long way from home.

After the rigo mortis of the impulse wave sets in, L.R. (Losing Religion) finds his way back home to M.W. (Murena Williams – E44). Why? Because this is a razor act.

25 trading days, travel distance 189 pips. What followed this one was a 97-pip reaction from the M.W. and another 210-pip leg up before the reversal. From the point of encounter price ultimately managed to travel higher by another 113 pips.
12 trading days, travel distance 149 pips.
7 trading days, travel distance 152 pips. This is the only example of Murena Williams letting the ball slide by by 94 pips.
7 trading days, travel distance 151 pips.
? trading days, travel distance ? pips. Server = Mama Murena.

This was an actual English class at school. We had to translate the lyrics of this song. Also there was a British teacher who was hooked on Tracy Chapman and Suzanne Vega songs. What was his name? Luka? Was he living on the second floor? Did he have a fast car? Can’t remember. I certainly wasn’t kidding when I said I grew up with MTV.

That’s me in the corner.
I want my MTV.