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Presents: the two parts of a terminal move.

Forget the idealistic world of Elliott Wave.

Every terminal move can be divided into two parts, the measuring leg and the divergent leg.

These two are separated by a Zero aka a continuation divergence. To find these divergences between the legs, we need to remember two things. One is that the measuring leg comes with a cross over of the hourly E-44 and that the best things in life such as the RSI2 are free.

Let’s try to appreciate what we are talking about here.

A 4H example of a continuation divergence (circled) separating the two legs.

Here’s an hourly example to the downside.

…and one to the upside.

The measuring leg crosses over the E-44.

When a leg becomes too parabolic, you may have to go down a time frame to sync up with the speed better.

On 30Min the E44 is E88, duh.

The first point I’m trying to make here is that it does not matter if you want to see 3 or 5 waves.

What matters is that there would be the divergent leg starting from the continuation divergence.

The second point is the fractal nature.

A measuring leg + divergent leg terminal sequence may be simply the Measuring Leg of a larger time frame move. The to white lines on the daily chart above are the same two lines (also as the first leg) on the weekly chart below.

Also, the continuation divergence makes the fractal energy consolidate in a rapid manner, at least tagging the full charge level.

On the upside the trend reversed at a 45 reading. The current CI is about 42, for the 3rd time.
The two examples that made it to 38 and below were pushing on the StdDev band. Other times a dip below 45 was enough to make a full reversal.

Sweet, isn’t it?

Zucchero = Szacharóz