So yeah, I grew up with some extra background radiation at the mountain of Mecsek. We lived in a place that was called Uranium City (Uránváros). My mom used to work for the Uranium mine. The highlight of her life was handing over the flowers to Juríj Gagarin when he came to visit.

Guess whom we were exporting to. Of course they had to load the uranium onto a different train in Záhony, at the Hungarian-Ukranian border. They were always afraid of Russia pushing into Europe on a train, thus the incompatible rail span was invented. Some things don’t seem to change.

After Chernobyl the basic communist joke was about “radiant smiles”.

Oh yes, you came here to learn something about trading, so let’s proceed with that.

3 exclamation marks mark the spot

The exclamation level is where price steps outside the pendulum for a space walk (5 pips extra). This is where an effort to keep the price out is going to be expected on the return.

if (i<50 && Close[i]<E44l2[i]-50*Point && Close[i+1]<E44l2[i+1] && Close[i+2]>E44l2[i+2]-50*Point)
where E44l2 is the lower bottom pendulum band

They actually sold the previous low for a lower low (orange circle).

continuation divergence spanked

There was gonna be selling, regardless of the outcome of the French presidential elections.

There was 33% chance of price making it to the orange line yapering to 16% by the redish line without having to recharge.
There was 0% chance that an impulse wave would end on strength.

The brown box is the highlight of the continuation divergence – busted in this case.

i>0 && RSI2[i-1]>RSI2[i] && RSI2[i+1]>RSI2[i] && RSI2[i+2]>RSI2[i+1] && RSI2[i+2]>10 && RSI2[i]<RSI2[ArrayMinimum(RSI2,13,i+1)]  && RSI2[i]<19 && RSI2[ArrayMaximum(RSI2,18,i+1)]>93.3
Once that low gets undercut, the divergence gets eliminated.

This is where we need to get a bit deeper into the separation numbers.

When a support / resistance level is made during 2-4 hours of separation, an immediate bounce (I call it touch and go) is initiated if the furthest six pips get touched by the upcoming hour (often right at the open).

These, reflex counter moves start right outside the pendulum bands and result in a counter move that gets capped either by the hourly E-44 or a slight beat of a new born doji (i.e. 4 pips).

To fail in a proper manner you need 5+ hours of separation or the back test of a recently printed support, but not within the next couple of hours and the current RSI2 leg cannot hit the floor (<4), otherwise the impulse leg has not ended.

Another numbers remark is that a mixed bag of different colors usually means a flag.

Support / resistance blocks are MFI steps.