No Audience Special

A confession to make. I had to bend the daily filter to form-fit the latest turn up that made it to the middle BB to be picked up by my pale green highlight. So now here’s the half a step back to the benefit of the few whom kept on coming.

Seriously, there is no point in keeping this up for 6 total visits on an article.

The half a step back is the new blue shading as a reminder for the run-up to be to the middle of the Bollinger – with the same color, but not a final low – too oversold.

There was one example earlier where the C77 low was undercut two folds (130 pips in total). This one went to 140 pips in contrast. What followed the last time was a 560-pip rally.

This one barely missed the BB middle.
/// 3-sample low with stoch reading below 4.5 or 9.5 to 18
   if (i>0 
   && (!(c77[i+1] && Low[i+1]<iBands(symbol,0,20,2,0,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_LOWER,i+1)))
   && iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,5,i-1))<=iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,6,i-1)) 
   && iLow(symbol,0,i)==iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,2,i-1)) 
   && (st18[i]<4.5 || (st18[i]>9.5 && st18[i]<21.5) || (st18[i+1]>9.5 && st18[i+1]<18.5))  
    && Low[i]-Low[i+1]<430*Point 
   && (Low[i]-Low[i+2]<430*Point ||  Low[i]-Low[i+2]>1000*Point)
   && (High[i]>High[i+1]-80*Point  || (Open[i]<iBands(symbol,0,20,2,0,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_LOWER,i)+50*Point && Close[i]>iBands(symbol,0,20,2,0,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_LOWER,i) ) )
       && Open[i]<Close[i] 
     && High[i]<iMA(symbol,0,44,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_MEDIAN,i)
      && High[i]<iBands(symbol,0,20,2,0,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_MAIN,i)-290*Point 
      && (MathAbs(iBands(symbol,0,20,2,0,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_MAIN,i)-iMA(symbol,0,44,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_MEDIAN,i))>380*Point  ||  High[i]>High[i+1] )
      && Low[i+1]>iBands(symbol,0,20,2,0,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_LOWER,i+1)-700*Point  
      && Low[i+2]>iBands(symbol,0,20,2,0,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_LOWER,i+2)-700*Point
   //&& (st18[i]<4.5 || (st18[i]>9.5 && st18[i]<18))  
         ObjectCreate("Bingt"+IntegerToString(i),OBJ_VLINE,0, Time[i], 0);
         if (st18[i]>9) ObjectSet("Bingt"+IntegerToString(i),OBJPROP_COLOR,clrPaleGreen);
The trendline that was started by the double C77 was hit today.