Breaking The CAP

What is a CAP?

Pendulum inner band in blue, Pendulum outer in purple.

A CAP is short for a capsize attempt. An hourly separation from the 8EMA of Hourly Opens that ends up closing in opposition to the opening direction.

I use the second pendulum band (E-44 +-45 pips) as a filter to stay away from the trending mode.

The low / high would have to be inside the pendulum (E-44 +-35 pips) for the “Sell” plot to be displayed by an additional 2 pips.

The trap range mentioned is between the half of the candle and its end point plus 2 pips slack. The sell is yet another pip out.

For the remainder of this page we’re gonna take a look at the Impulse Top that was indeed a Vostroff Deccumulation.

An impulse move trails off with an RSI divergence. Not an impulse bottom does not mean not a corrective bottom, it just rules out one possibility due to strength.

The pattern was valid for the 13th hour did not get away from the trigger high by 50+ pips. The Entry was on the 14th candle anywhere above the 13th’s close.

Forgot to mention, the next candle has to confirm the capsize attempt.