The Full Bounty

Do yourself a favor and plot some Bollinger Bands and a 9-day EMA (on medians) on your daily chart.

Try to identify out of the last 67 trading days, how many candles do not touch any one of the 4 lines.

I found these.

First thing to draw as a conclusion, is less than 1 out of 6 candles were left hanging (levitating with high libido). Or rather, they were not left alone: this “highly unstable” condition is a high ball for a slam dunk. Usually they get pushed onto one of the lines the very next day. The market prefers to be in a low energy condition.

Now, if we pay attention to the color, the ones that seemed to be in favor of bouncing up were those with a positive charge (pink candle) or a doji at the end of a cascade.

The black ones with their negative charges were either connected to the lower line or left alone hurdling in space until the space jam arm reached in, but by then the negative charge got reversed.

The sample size is not enormous, I am citing these things as curiosities and I fully expect the 9-day EMA to be re-connected on Monday, is all.