Make or Wake?

Do or Why?

The subject is evaluation of the success of an impulse bottom.

First, an example of a successful Impulse bottom.

The maximum volatility move (first cube) is followed by the first pullback (#1 fractal) below the Hourly S30 moving average. The second fractal (#2) with the corresponding lower RSI2 print (second cube) is meant to be the higher low, and should not be violated.

The second example is of a not successful impulse bottom.

#2 was undercut a number of times. There was still a C leg taking price above the maximum volatility leg by 50 pips, but in terms of the impulse bottom, it did not prompt a reversal, the sideways action was a pause within the larger move,

Now, try to explain what went wrong with this impulse bottom:

…and what is right with this current one so far?

Opposites retract.