Slightly Mad

Woman in Chains, meningitis…

It finally happened…

I have the right metrics for spotting a left shoulder, a head, a way of anticipating the end of the divergence under development and it is time for the definitions.

A left shoulder achieves a 45%-65% gain of extra distance beyond the parenting range.

A head fails to achieve what the left shoulder had managed to do. It is unable to get away from the current patenting range to the extent that the left shoulder could, thus setting up an end of impulse wave with a reversal divergence.

If a head gets violated more than 5 hours down the road, that is a break out and needs to be played/hedged.

A head would manage at least a zero print (and nominally would get further than the left shoulder, but not relative to the current parenting range), but would fall shy from the previous distance achieved by at least 25%.

What is necessary for the head is Full Contact. I think this much I can remember.

////zero dn   
      if (iFractals(symbol,0,MODE_LOWER,i) && Low[i-1]>Low[i] && Low[i]>NBED[i]-330*Point && 
         (High[i]>NBED[i] && Low[i]<NBED[i])  || (High[i+1]>NBED[i+1] && Low[i+1]<NBED[i+1]) || (High[i+2]>NBED[i+2] && Low[i+2]<NBED[i+2])
         || (High[i+3]>NBED[i+3] && Low[i+3]<NBED[i+3])  || (High[i+4]>NBED[i+4] && Low[i+4]<NBED[i+4]) 
          (Low[i+22]<NBED[i+22]-330*Point && NBED[i+22]==NBED[i+25]) || (Low[i+23]<NBED[i+23]-330*Point && NBED[i+23]==NBED[i+25])
        ObjectCreate("Obellix"+IntegerToString(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], Low[i]+80*Point); 
     ObjectSetText("Obellix"+IntegerToString(i), CharToStr(77), 38, "Wingdings", clrDarkGreen);
      ObjectCreate("Targeted"+IntegerToString(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i],NBEU[i]+((NBEU[i]-NBED[i])/10*4.5)+50*Point );  
                ObjectSetText("Targeted"+IntegerToString(i), "TGT: "+DoubleToStr(NormalizeDouble(NBEU[i]+((NBEU[i]-NBED[i])/10*4.5),4),4), 16, "Arial Black",  clrPurple);

The move ain’t over till it’s over. Catching the head is the optimal entry. A rising/falling wedge has a sequence of a shoulder and a head.

I’m feeling slightly sad that I managed to get myself fully trapped by having no canes of knowledge, but constant uncertainties blowing at my head from a high speed fan.

Knowing where you need to hedge and until when makes a world of difference.

As for this counter trend move down was larger (230 pips) than the most recent largest (around 217 pips) this does not mean that I should be throwing away all of my ideas about the real direction.

Projected distance extension fill

No, not snail shells.

Now, who is singing songs in my head that I have never heard before?