The Capitulation

Momentum flips with today closing back up 27 pips and Stochastic in the reversal range.
The image for the ages. Price was staying oversold right before the final capitulation act.

This move to -135 – I buy it for a left shoulder. 135 is not all that different from 65 in the mirror, now is it?

What next?

A move to the overbought. (Good old example image below) If price does not manage to achieve a new consolidation for the rest of the day, we are talking 1.1227. From there a move to a Zero likely with a new range by then. After, a Wave 3 perhaps to +300. At least, that is my thinking for now.

…from here on an unreleased blog entry that would had been called

Music To My Fears

I was thinking about Allister Brimble the other day. What was Mr. Project X Superfrog up to these days?

I found All Good Things on his YouTube as expected.

A lot of my CDs were brought over from the Philippines. On top there were a couple of Scopece CDs (Fox Hunting, Any Time). I was wondering for a minute, who even knows his name?

I did not even remember the brown Color Theory T-shirt that was in the laundry. Must had come with the first purchase of 7 or so CDs from Brian Hazard. How is your Napster Ponytail hanging on Huntington Beach, buddy?