Understanding The Range

For once there are a lot of videos on the subject.

Junior Range bear run short entry
80- 1.10
Senior Range (8hrs+) bear run short entry
Target -200 failure

A failure means not closing on the other side of the line for more than a full hour & volatility increasing

A conquering is 5+hours closing on the other side of the line and volatility is on the decline (contraction)

A failure bounces back to the last OB/OS level. A failure is not a reversal, but it warrants attention in case they buy the next, newly printing opposite zero.

An example of failing a 200 (back to afore mentioned time sorted sell levels).

A failure does not change the overall direction, it is a mere bounce.

Another example of conquering

An example for why using the range is better than Fifonacci or Farket Frofile.

During the last bull run in the bear even the bulls were the bears. After every leg up they covered 20-30 percent later.

Understand me.
Trying to Capsize hard, but stoch is still a tad higher than it would be desired to flip the momentum. Perhaps a close a little lower…
The sequence