Understanding The Range #2

Stuff I find as I go. It’s easy to slip away.

It took forever to get the capsize right with optimal stochastic to get a change of momentum.

World Full Of Nothing.

A NIL appears in a no trend / weak trend phase. Fade up to 2 NILs in a row, but a senior zero may be used as a jumping board.

A NIL is an intention of proceeding in a direction (trying, but not immediately succeeding – i.e. hitting nothing = NihIL). The NULL (as measured by the previous range) is the counter move. A NULL is the zero level of the previous consolidation range (look left).
When the sequence of NIL->-20OS gets taken out, look for the left shoulder forming.

The Head would be a Zero of a fresh range, after which an Overbought to Oversold move would be the optimal buy entry.

If a NIL faces aggression at the nearby, senior range OB/OS level that’s a sign of intention to expand the current total range by 100.
Maximum aggression is the closer NULL.

Failure at 200 Purple line on the bottom.