Understanding The Range #6

Let’s talk NIL+.

A left shoulder is a NIL+ against a prevailing direction effectively choking it / matching it. Obviously the first move coming off a head print would not likely qualify for an LS.

I have cited point of no return a number of times in my columns.

Relative to the consolidation range, I put the NIL+ range from an extra 45% to 65%. Something going beyond 80% will have exceeded the point of no return.

About the NIL+ to -NIL wrapping. The wrapping takes place around the current Zero level (this can be a 0-Cyan or a 100-Magenta) as this level becomes the anchoring axis of the mini pendulum swing(s). -NIL is meant to say “mirror” swing, and it happens towards the inner side of the range.

Whichever current NIL level gets exceeded by 10+ pips would be marking a breakout underway.

Love is Minecraft,

But where’s your resolution?