Understanding The Range #7

Lasr entry of the series about comfirmations & story line.

License to Ill

The confitmation to the LS is a return to the 50% line of the range (from now on in green).

Ferry have no Mersey

The confirmation of the head in place (new direction on) is an hourly close on the other side of the 89-121 band.

I’m at work currently, will add pictures later.

So what is the game here played then?

A continuum. There are positive and negative syne waves. The hourly E-89 to E-121 is the bridge that cannot be crossed without a license. The buerocracy dictates that there would be two steps to attain the stamp for crossing. A left shoulder is the petitioning office. They accept the case by letting price return to the consolifation mean. Their open hours are from 45% to 70% outside the current range.

The stamp duty is paid to the Head. This is a Zero line that raises the water level temporarily to ideal for the ferry to cross (& then ypu can go out with the high tide ~ pull back to oversold). A draw bridge made out of water. Oh, mercy, mercy me.

C’mon, gimme props for making 7 blog entries about NILs without mentioning Holgerson anywhere.

Here’s an example on how to apply this knowledge in practice about the Mersey the LS and the H.

There was a long trade to be had from the Band to the Zero level. There was a short trade to be had from the zero level.

Now, what to make of this move from -35 back to 135? It was certainly unexpected. All I can think of is if I was tasked with plunge protection, I would be buying below the E121H (Red line).

Here are 2 examples for a NIL+ not becoming an LS (no tie back to the fair price).

30% – may be a tender thing at first