Grab The Cat

I could have chosen from a lot of titles.

Every Waking 48 hours, Dogging the Wag etc.

Gonna be a simple one to follow, this.

Stochastic K of 60 samples simple over medians, as the days are 60 hours long. If Brian Shannon can have 65-minute hours, I can have 60-hour days.

So the concept goes: you need one sidedness and at least two crossbacks through the plotted lines.

The lines are at 83, 76, 18 and 10.

Once you had 2 crossbacks, you get a field beyond the furthest fractal that has a height of less than a no break extension which is around 36 pips on the Euro. This is where you need to act on the re-visit.

The hookback on the bottom I would count as 1 not 2, as the first attempt immediately failed back down. The point is that this was a pullback, not a new wave down.

The same concept in the mirror below:

The same concept in the other mirror above:

Now, let’s talk Danny Glover. In the prior examples the market managed to tag the other side within 48 horas. In the example below this did not happen.

This means that you cut the wrong wire, and you need to grab the cat. No moratorium to be drawn. Fresh coconuts, fresh count. Double cycle.

So, how does an ABC correction look like? How about 2 terminals made up of two hookbacks each?

What is the count currently?

An impulse wave would have at least 3 hook-backs, and turn upon printing a Blood Diamond. No moratorium whatsoever. A Blood Diamond is a fractal that is at least 35 pips away from the E-44 and had a pedal to the metal 5-hour RSI2 sequence.

 if (i>1 && iFractals(symbol,0,MODE_UPPER,i) && High[i]>iMA(symbol,0,44,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_MEDIAN,i)+350*Point && RSI2[i+5]>96 && RSI2[i+4]>96 && RSI2[i+3]>96 && RSI2[i+1]>96 && RSI2[i+1]>96 && (RSI2[i-1]<90  || RSI2[i-2]<90 )) EU2[i]=High[i];