Angel Eyes in 2022

End of August, this gives us 8 months of data in 2022 so far. Let’s start testing on my newest comp for the first time.

Just look at the level of sophistication here, the active trail stop management.

Think of how you did with your investments this year. Think of what the dollar denomination difference could had contributed.

That’s another 13% extra over the relative currency depreciation. 150%+? Oh, the pain!

For those who may think that I had the same ideas for every auto trading routine I ever made, here’s some other routines and their results.

The Boogie Man

Silver Surfer

Trust me, I am a champion of the field when it comes to auto trading ideas. Would I trust meaningful percentage of the available capital to these routines? NO. Results are always curve fitted, they may be true for a most likely cherry picked period, especially if you get some additional filters to weed out the trades that bring down the results, they are showing the best and nothing of the worst. If you get a bad turn at first, you can say goodbye to that capital. There is no way of including the commission or the broker’s spread expansion excercises with added slippage into these results either not to mention the market gaps if you get caught with a holding on the wrong side. Displaying auto trading back tests would only showcase talent in deception.

You can turn off the longs or the shorts for the period examined. Yes, it is possible to find something that is unique about a bad month in retrospect and those kind of trades would not get picked up in the future due to some additional filter i.e. you could simply remove trading if the Month() was equal to 6. This however cannot prepare the routine for everything that the market may introduce in the future.

Case and point: what if I started the back testing for Angel Eyes in June? What if I forgot to disclose conveniently that I halted the first test permaturely – somewhat intentionally?

Look at where being honest has gotten me… You don’t see me running ads & selling courses on YouTube. You don’t see me pretending to have trading gains by depositing the inflow from people’s purchases of my worthless junk. You certainly don’t see me pointing to a crypto event to explain a missing 2M USD, after managing to talk this money into existence to prove my own worth and penis size. Yes, Cameron Zeus has finally let the cat out of the bag. “That’s life” – he shrugged off this imaginary happening. It is rather easy to part from something you never had in the first place.

Don’t worry, I will answer the question of how to make money consistently here, on this blog.

“He is the Tai Lopez of Forex”

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