Leveraged Chess

You are not going to like this one, it has lots of math not to mention the wormholes, foxtrot, fox holes, Jackson hole and a lover spurned between the ranges that throw off everything.

If you measure this move from the 20% on the range-pendulum-wheel to 170%, you get 150%.
If you measure the first blue line, between 20 and 140, there is 120 degrees. If you measure the second blue, it went from 70 to 190. 120 degrees again. Recognize the importance of the 8-hour EMA of opens in orange. Don’t mind the red bomb, I’m not settled on the filters yet.

What is the point in this mindless exercise? To determine the bull’s flower.

If you measure form 145 to 20, you get 125. But wait, I did not measure from the swing high! Yes. The one thing you should take away from this blog entry is the Higher Low / Lower High prints after the swing point. They are an unfair advantage, a right foot out instead of a sprint from squatting down. The starting off the right foot is the leverage in this chess game. Other than the seemingly random origo-replacement of the range.

140-70 = 70, 160-70 = 90.

Why am I telling you all this and why am I telling you all kind of things and why am I making you miserable? Don’t you feel like you have to kill someone?

See the thing is, that the bear’s flower has to exceed the bull’s flower if you want to be starting something, Michael.

Also, don’t you think that it is an actionable piece of information that you should not be fading an up move closer than 120 degrees from the swing low / higher low. Has it no value that price would get back to the other side of the 8-hour EMA, and you should see at least 70 degrees of distance for a short?

Bears power, bulls power, Jerome Powell, turtle power.