The End Is The Beginning

…is the end.

If you still have some faith in the idealistic Elliott Wave theories, abandon now or forever be entertained by this Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Wave 1 down is Wave 2 down.

3 examples from this recent run up.

Meet the Baritonos & the T.R.A. voltage.

The Baritonos Beat at the knee cap.

The TRA voltage is a power surge.

Good eye, Septic! The last TRA did not make it outside the 30-samp BB. The front row is yours.

My mistake was trying to find a Wave 2 up when all Wave 2s were printing down.

CAP means Capiche?! Wirklich!

You ain’t seen nothing yet. Behold the market trending lower with a bullish wave count.

So let’s define the final thrust.

The FT is a Wave 1 attempt in the prevailing direction. It is a clash of volatilities, it is a contract for the rights of the movie sequel. The second part / the counter move (prospect Wave 2) gives or denies the approval for drumming up enough funds. The shooting starts when the dirt box arrives with a ton of cash raised from selling Puregold sculptures.

Cure? You knew it was coming.

Just an interesting picture showing the buy triggers tripped whilst the sell trigger got rained on.

The way these operate is that the small wire gets tripped and up to 30-pips there’s a block for additional chunks to add. An accummulation box, yes. Nothing is guaranteed, but even the weakest signal should take price to the next Axel H line. E32 in this case.

Make it, or take it.

Santa Kraus is going to drown.

In a world, where you could be anything, don’t be a summa cum laude Pascal Programmer whom finished in 1992.

Could you spot the very first Wave 2 up since the 10th of October?