3, 2, 1, Yoko

Swear with me for a minute.

Ok. Let’s try to explain things coherently.

There are 3 lines in discussion here.

The Teal colored bands are the 60-sample 30-min HL2 Bollinger Bands.

In White we have the 30-minute 64-sample HL2 EMA displaced by + / – 45 pips.

The SlateBlue is 15-minute 9-sample swing high and low displacements at 105 pips with some consolidation mean filtering fitted onto the 30-minute chart.

The Yellow-Green combo line is the 15-min consolidation mean again fitted onto the 30-min chart.

The main ideas of this blog post is pointing out what is ultimately support / resistance: the last line out from the 3.

The interrupted Yellow is the 64-sample HL2 EMA which may serve as a soft reset turning price back to which end it came from.

This is how I made the conversion happen:



for (i = 1; i <=100; i++) {

The last thing is about the dirt boxes and the wave count. I see the mirror image of the previous cascading trend with the bullish wave count with each swing low dipping into the previous one’s dirt box.

The dirt box can be 50-pips deep, that does not change anything on the setup.

Wave 5 down should end up on the 2nd 4-H Fractal that prints outside the 30-sample HL2 Bollingers.