Tie Machine

Market timing, intraday.

Doc Serverson used to use Market Timer.

Emini-Watch has cycle / sine waves for market timing.

DeMark counts to 9 & 13 for a pause & effect within days.

I said intraday, man. This B-52 indicator was born out of fear.

I just could not get myself to go long the Euro for weeks. I was sitting and watching 3K to 9K draw downs develop thinking all along that I would be screwing myself if I went long now.

So the idea was out there, convergence. Mark up the BB and the stratosphere converging. Filter for color based on closing outside or inside.

    if ((stratou[i+1]>iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_UPPER,i+1) && stratou[i]<iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_UPPER,i) ) ||
        (stratou[i+1]<iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_UPPER,i+1) && stratou[i]>iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_UPPER,i)) 
        && Close[i]<iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_UPPER,i)
         ObjectCreate("Edgar"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], stratou[i]+55*Point); 
        ObjectSetText("Edgar"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(165), 32, "Wingdings", Crimson); 
       if ((stratod[i+1]>iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_LOWER,i+1) && stratod[i]<iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_LOWER,i) ) ||
        (stratod[i+1]<iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_LOWER,i+1) && stratod[i]>iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_LOWER,i)) 
        && Close[i]>iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_LOWER,i)
         ObjectCreate("Edgar"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], stratod[i]+55*Point); 
        ObjectSetText("Edgar"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(165), 32, "Wingdings", Lime); 
        if (Close[i]>iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_UPPER,i) || Close[i+1]>iBands(symbol,0,60,2,0,PRICE_MEDIAN,MODE_UPPER,i+1)) ObjectSetText("Edgar"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(165), 32, "Wingdings", Crimson); 

But there’s more. What if a buy convergence is about to happen, but this is out of the visible area?

This was the idea behind the Tie Machine.

When the white ones zero in on the base lines, prepare to take action.


I couldn’t ask for another.