Never Enough

A light, Sunday afternoon read.

Karma Comedian

As a famous film producer, Ridley Squat once said – or was it Diddly Scott? You know, the singer of Ivory & Savory? He had a joke about the Planet Vulcan: what do they call their dating site? Lava-Life!
So much for stand up comedy ambitions.
Whatever I ever do seems to have no audience.

I withdrew 10k this month – a mile stone. Wanted to buy a Samsung 85″ Q60B for £1,578, but it is no longer discounted, so I’ll just wait.

I have gotten awfully close to releasing my Kracken article, but I decided that some warming up to it may be necessary.

The rest should be thought & knife provoking.

Quick Status Quo

Weekly chart – how extended price is here?

The magenta lines are 5 1/4 std 14-sample window envelopes.

The 59 EMA is the ultimate limit of the Bear Market. 3 weekly closes above is the switch.

CAPtivating to see this many CAPs without price returning to the 20 SMA.

The Bitching part: From Bags to Bitchez

Much of the YouTube trader / statements videos are made up rubbish. Random numbers entered in a purpose made (forgery) software to grease you up to wanting to buy whatever they got for sale.

Dude, where did that 25K jump come from when your average winning trade is $1,206?

Notice the “Add Trade” – build a bear button. No “sync” to account anywhere.

Dude, what is up with that 100% win rate?

Oh yeah, we’re selling hopes and dreams here.

Dude, what’s up with that commission for one day?

“The numbers are all messed up” – he says in this video. No shit.

I remember still that on ES futures with a half point I was making or losing $7 and $14 on a handle per lot. Where did the 10 cents come from? (All charts shown are ThinkOrSwim).

Total random numbers. These people never traded futures in their lives.

I have warned you about people “trading” with 1-minute charts.

Not giving a link to the video, you can look up Umar Ashraf who’s making money selling stuff like the TradeZella “trading wishing on a star database maker” and posing as a trader, but he ends up winning regardless with the YouTube views.