Blow Your Walls Down

Going naked?

Naked what? Naked lunch? Naked gun? Gunning down Peterr?

When you are not in Rome, do what not Romans do: punch above your hate.

This used to be my greyhound.

If it makes you feel crappy, it can’t be that good.

Oh yeah, you came here to learn something. Sorry about that.

Neverending Wave 2

Seen similar recently, but admittedly this does not happen too often. Most Wave 2s are over within 8-12 hours.

Blue diagonal up is the W2. The dirt box of course is just above.

These schmucks bought the top of the rising wedge, the bottom of the rising wedge and all other buy signals to the R1.

Once price finally drops below the wedge, all hell will break loose. I don’t think the Daily 20 sma would get to say “HI”. This squeeze would result in some serious business.

B 1.0576, B 1.0597

R1: 1.0655

Despite of the daily embedding being lost.

The previous example of a neverending Wave 2 was this:

It lasted 10×4 hours.