Ja Voll, No Vol

A Douglas Lehrer compilation.

There was some wedding reception at the restaurant. The guy handed over his card in advance. His name read Justin Short.

After he walked off, Douglas showed the card and said: that’s what he sais on his wedding night. “I’ll be…”

One time he drew some praying hands on the blackboard, a head of lettuce and a hose sprinkling water over it. He wrote on top: “Lettuce spray”.

Some relative of his, around a 3 years old child asked about why dogs bark one time. He was told that this is how they were talking to one another.

Later the kid farted, and was questioned about it.

– Did you fart? – they asked.

– No – he responded. – It’s just my butt talking to other butts.

Another relative wanted to know what faggot meant. He memorized the answer well, and cursed at a driver that cut them off: You, bunch of sticks!

Today’s lesson is gonna be short & sweet as there is no turn out again.

Use your corrective tool.

During low vol / no vol volatility breaks can’t sustain, and they bring about a 3-point turn.

Yellow markers show where the 14-sample RSI HL2 has moved 2 standard deviations. The next leg would complete the reversal 10+ pips out. Outside the 30-sample hourly HL2 BB price is on borrowed time, lighten on holdings.

You had a question about quantitative pleasing.

The quantitative pleasing started when my supervisor at Bloomberg told me during my appraisal that my smile defrosts her heart.

Happy New York, everyone!