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If your approach is not that of Moving Averages, displacements, Bollinger Bands you will never get the right idea of what the market is up to.


2nd week in a row closin at Max Pain.

Does this mean that price is going to stay here for years to come? I doubt it.

Let’s first distinguish between Bulk market territory and Bulk market.

Bulk Market territory is 3 weekly closes above the 59 HL2 EMA. That has happened.

Now, for context, usually the first market border violation is not the end.

If you look at the end of the last Bulk market, price violated the maket limit a bit before going back for the back test of the overbought level. This would be my Base Case scenario. Returning to the E-21 (white) only would be Base Case B.

The bear market prior saw 2 different breaches.

After the first touch there was a lower low made, then there was a 2-week episode which took price 320 pips into the Bulk market terriory & without closing outside 3 times, it went on to make a new lower low. That was a 860 pips move down in 2 weeks.

The point is, that volatility plays a role in the distance attained and 3 closes outside – well, it can still be negated with the next 3 closes back below for instance, and in a flat market, the whole Bulk-Bare Market concept can be thrown out the window.

The image above shows the “suataining” the other side of the line possibility (was the first approach too).

Overall, I would put the odds the lowest to the last example of no no volatility at all.

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They call me the white horse

Tony Curtis changed his name from Kertész Tamás (father of Jamie)- the meaning would had been Gardener, but the phonetics mattered more. In Sweden to change your name you have to keep the first 3 letters of your original name i.e. Domján -> Domgren (also have to get approval from the “new family” for the use). See, you’re learning something new every day.