Push & Echo

Dempsey & Makepeace, Stasky & Hutch, Push & Echo.

Twin Peaks.

A push is a move & close outside the 14-sample std2 Window Envelope and an 9-sample higher high / lower low., it is a 50%+ extra beyond the previous week’s range & limit. For the Hutch part price would have to first come back inside the envelope.

“The small ones are fifty”

The numbers above between the Pushes and the Echos are in blue. The size of the beat accordingly falls between 27 and 125 pips with numbers tending to be larger than 110.

Now, the other thing is that the Echo seems to come quickly, whatever you do, you can’t stop falling. Enough is enough, 2 weeks seems to be a lot.

So the big question is, have we seen the Echo 2 weeks back failing to get beyond Dempsey or this train wreck folds out in slow motion due to price only having made it back inside the 14-sample window envelope last Friday.

Let’s make peace!


if (i<246){
      if (iStochastic(symbol,0,18,3,3,MODE_SMA,1,MODE_MAIN,i)<25 && iStochastic(symbol,0,18,3,3,MODE_SMA,1,MODE_MAIN,i+1)<25 && iStochastic(symbol,0,18,3,3,MODE_SMA,1,MODE_MAIN,i+2)<25 && iMA(symbol,0,21,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_MEDIAN,i)>AxelU[i]){
         HighBuffer[i]=iMA(symbol,0,21,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_MEDIAN,i);
      else {
          if (iStochastic(symbol,0,18,3,3,MODE_SMA,1,MODE_MAIN,i)>75 && iStochastic(symbol,0,18,3,3,MODE_SMA,1,MODE_MAIN,i+1)>75 && iStochastic(symbol,0,18,3,3,MODE_SMA,1,MODE_MAIN,i+2)>75 && iMA(symbol,0,21,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_MEDIAN,i)<AxelL[i]){
         LowBuffer2[i]=iMA(symbol,0,21,0,MODE_EMA, PRICE_MEDIAN,i);
      else {
      if (iLow(symbol,10080,i)<AxelHL[i]) {
         if (iLow(symbol,0,iLowest(symbol,0,MODE_LOW,8,i))==iLow(symbol,0,i)
         ObjectCreate("Mile"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], Low[i]-40*Point); 
          if (Close[i]<Low[i]+100*Point && !embedded[i]) ObjectSetText("Mile"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(73), 29, "Wingdings", clrWhite);
          else if (Close[i]<env_d[i]) {ObjectSetText("Mile"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(73), 29, "Wingdings", clrMagenta);
          else ObjectSetText("Mile"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(73), 29, "Wingdings", clrBlack);     
         ObjectSet("Mile"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK, 1 );    }
         if (embedded[i] && Low[i]>Close[i]-400*Point && Low[i]<Close[i]-300*Point){
             ObjectCreate("Milef"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], Low[i]-340*Point); 
           ObjectSetText("Milef"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(182), 29, "Wingdings", clrBlack);     
         ObjectSet("Milef"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJPROP_BACK, 1 );